Dear Rev. Sylvia, Bob and I are eternally grateful to have found you. Thank you for graciously opening your home to us, for our wedding.  It’s the most spectacular place with stunning views that anyone could imagine. The stars truly were aligned for all of this to happen. You made dreams come true Rev. Sylvia, and we are full of happiness that you have given to us!! We hope this is just the BEGINNING of a great friendship Our Warmest Regards and BIG HUGS ~ ERIN AND BOB ~

Thank you Reverend Sylvia, for being here with us on this special day. It means so much to us that you understand the importance of our family. We are happy to have you participate in this special moment and we will keep you in our hearts. Thank you for your caring, love and support. Love ~ GINGER, RENE’, TEDDY AND LUNA ~

Dear Rev. Sylvia, I am so happy we connected with you, after reading an article about you on the web. I can see why, somehow, our paths have crossed, your stories are incredible!  Bob has a diving certificate as well and we both enjoy all the things that you do…ocean, mountains and travel.  Oh, AND WINE! We’re very excited that you’re marrying us! Thank you for all you are doing to make our day the happiest of events, we can’t wait to meet you !! ~ ERIN AND BOB~

When I first read the ceremony you wrote for us, it made me cry. It is AWESOME and perfect. God has his way of guiding us in the right direction. He guided me to you and for this, I am very thankful. ~ BARBARA AND ROGER ~

We would love the opportunity to see you again and thank you again so much for working with us. We are truly blessed to have found you. YOU ARE AN ANGEL.... ~ KANDYCE AND DENNIS ~

It's Layla and Dan here ! You married us on June 21st at Cave B Inn, ring a bell??? I'm sure you do. Just wanted to tell you thanks for your personal touch. You did an amazing job! I figure it is God I all his wonderful glory!!! Here are the pictures!! ~ LAYLA AND DAN ~

Thank you so very much!  The ceremony was really wonderful and I will always treasure that memory.  So many people commented on how nice it was. Thank you again!!  I hope that when you’re next in Seattle, you’ll both come over to our home to have dinner.  It would be my honor to do this for you!!! ~ KATHY AND DAN ~

 Dear Sylvia.  Thank you so much for being a BIG part of our special day, which YOU made more special for us! ~ ERIC AND MINDY ~

 Rev. Sylvia – THANK YOU for making our big day such a PERFECT day!  We’re having a new arrival in February J ~ AMY AND HARVEY ~

 Rev. Sylvia:    Thank you so much for a GREAT wedding, and for making the rain cooperate        AND thanks for putting in a good word with  the Lord. If we ever get up that way from Louisianna, we would love to take you and yours to dinner.  Till then, peace.  


Reverend Sylvia and Stanley:   Thank you for officiating our wedding.  I was absolutely perfect! You were such a BIG help with planning and it wound not have been the same without you. Love to you both.  ~ LUKE AND LACEY ~

Well, what can we say?  Thank you, doesn’t seem like enough!  You opened your hearts and your home to us unconditionally.  We are VERY grateful. The memories of our joining with you on this special day will be with us forever.  Thank you and lots and lots of love to you.  


Bless you from the bottom of my oh-so-thankful heart. Your kindness was so thoughtful and I can’t express the gratitude I have for the kindness you showed John and me. You are a wonderful person and I am so happy you were the one to share our special day with us, Love  ~ MEAGAN AND ROGER ~

Rev. Sylvia.  I am very thankful for having you marry us and feel so blessed and not stressed, about the person who will be saying the most important and – 18 years overdue words – that will make Saturday, the 3rd best day in my life.  Your words made us both cry!! Thank you!!


Thank you so much for marrying us!!  It was a TREMENDOUS day and the words you said were beautiful. We will NEVER forget this day nor you. Thank you again! ~ EMILY AND BRYAN ~

 I do appreciate with all my heart, that you accommodated us and the type of ceremony we wanted. We are very grateful. Thank you so much for the hard work you put in to make our “day”, exactly like we wanted it to be. ~ JEANNETTE AND HOWIE ~

 You are amazing!!! Thank you for being so flexible. You are just a complete blessing to us. ~ MELODY AND LIAM ~