Why Choose Lake Chelan?


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Lake Chelan presents the best of two worlds.  The excitement of a year-round resort community with the convenience of a location right in the middle of Washington State, as well as countless pleasures beneath the summer sun or in our Winter Wonderland. All of this, in it's beauty and convenience is where you can live, where you can vacation and where you can be married and be on your honeymoon at the same time.

Your search for the perfect honeymoon paradise leads you here, to the enchanting beauty of the pristine waters of Lake Chelan, with expansive mountain vistas, delightful vineyards, and charming family orchards, where the most important occasion of your life becomes even more memorable.   Lake Chelan, America's 3rd deepest Glacial Lake, nestled in the surrounding mountains of beautiful Central Washington State is the perfect choice for your wedding celebration.

Now you can hold your fantasy wedding ceremony in nature's most inspiring setting, Washington's most alluring wedding and honeymoon oasis, where your storybook wedding is only the beginning.  Discover the beauty, the tranquility the varied location sites for your ceremony, the many hotel resorts for your honeymoon, a wedding, and honeymoon you will cherish forever.

Your wedding and honeymoon should be the experience of a lifetime and deserves the romance and passion that the Lake Chelan area can provide, whether you prefer a romantic getaway in the quiet oasis of one of our many resort hotels, or for the spirited couple, the non-stop celebration of a wondrous range of pleasures and undaunted adventures which await you.  Here you can set your own pace whether it's a tour of this 55 mile lake by boat, hiking, golfing, horse-back riding, tennis, swimming, wildlife viewing, fishing, parasailing, jet skiing, snowboarding and skiing, wine tasting at one of our many vineyards and wineries, a scenic seaplane tour, moonlight cruise, shopping in our varied local shops, art galleries and boutiques, or retreating into the peacefulness of a quiet beach…your ultimate wedding and honeymoon fantasy is awaiting you, here in Lake Chelan with all that Lake Chelan and our friendly population have to offer.

Just about anything you can imagine is available right here under the summer sun or in the Winter Wonderland, so let your imagination run wild, as so many brides and grooms have done.

Heaven on Earth begins with your wedding ceremony in your honeymoon location.  What could be more convenient, more romantic, than a wedding in the town of legendary Lake Chelan on the shores of the Lake or high in the mountains?  Lake Chelan is a place where Heaven and Earth join in a sometimes passionate, sometimes tranquil embrace.  What greater event than for two human souls, to be united for life in this Wedding paradise, here in this enchanted valley, in a place of breathtaking beauty?

On the waters of Lake Chelan, easily among the most beautiful lakes in the world, there are mystifying shores where Heaven and Earth embrace on the cool blue water and warm sun-drenched sand.  Through all of the ages, this place, guarding the Eastern and Western approaches of Washington, seemed to be waiting…like a promise to be kept.  Then, on this ancient enchanted spot, a legend was born.  A place of peace, quiet, and beauty…here was the place that lush orchards bloomed, where families came to put down roots, where now a bright new age is beginning, in an environment so beautiful, so alive with the spirit of the great outdoors, it is unparalleled in all of the Northwest.

Discover the beauty, the romance, the passion, the tranquility, a place with a young American Heart, a town of enduring legend that is alive with the fresh, cool breath of nature, where the sun and beach join hands with the mountains and spectacular views in the best-kept secret in Washington.

Our local population will sweep your heart away with their friendliness, their tales of their hardy ancestors, or their willingness to bring you into the fold of their family.  The Mountains are like sentinels, while glistening below is the blue water of Lake Chelan, as perfect as any lake in the world, as perfect a wedding location as anywhere.

We offer you a simple reason for choosing Lake Chelan as your wedding, honeymoon destination.  A location of exquisite beauty, impossible blue skies, an unusual ambiance of welcome, a place of legend that is still contemporary, a place of countless pleasures beneath the summer sun or in the winter snow.  Here, you will find yourself swept up in the garden spot of Washington that will spoil you with hospitality and charm, endless pastimes and unforgettable experiences.

Imagine it's your wedding day. You and your bride-to-be are standing in front of your minister. Maybe it's on the beach, perhaps on the deck of a boat, or on snowshoes high in the mountains overlooking the pristine waters of Lake Chelan. Farewell to the ushers, flower girls, bridesmaids, limousines, the thorny problem of who gets invited and who doesn't, and expensive honeymoons…the chance is that here, you are already on your honeymoon.

Imagine, no more fuss or hassle with family, this "day of days" is created by you, your way and you're not alone…the whole idea of vacation weddings is sweeping resort lands across the country.

Traditionally there was first the ceremony, then the adventure…at least that was what people traditionally thought of weddings and honeymoons.  Today, couples are taking the ceremony on the road as part of the adventure, their fantasies come in the form of vows spoken just before soaring into the heavens from a hang-glider high on a mountain above Lake Chelan, getting "saddled" (as one couple said), while sitting astride beautiful horses or barefoot on the beach.

Holiday Weddings are always popular, as are world events, such as an eclipse, or the Solstice.  Here are some of the popular theme weddings that this resort area invites (read Locations and Themes for Complete Details):

Back Country Western, Boating, Celtic, Full Moon,  Hang Gliding,  Hot Air Ballooning, Hot Rod – Motorcycle,  Mountain Man, Parasailing,  Renaissance,   Shot-Gun, Sunrise, Sunset 

There are many popular locations in the Lake Chelan area, which are perfect for a wedding ceremony and celebration.  Most require reservations, and some private locations will charge a nominal fee or provide free use of areas within their facility if the reception is held there or if the bride and groom are guests of the facility.  Call us for further information on these facilities:

Ceremonies are as varied as locations and themes.  There are contemporary ceremonies, traditional religious ceremonies, and there are the various ceremonies including Blessing Stones, Flower Ceremony, Handfasting, Intra-Faith, Non-Denominational, Rose Ceremony, Unity Candle Ceremony, Vow Renewal and combinations of any of these as well as ceremonies written entirely by the b