Why Choose Wenatchee?

 “The views, wherever we looked were magnificent and sweeping, our wedding was enchanting, the food was exceptional, the service absolutely professional and our wedding was EVERYTHING WE HAD DREAMED IT WOULD BE". 

If these are the words, from a previous bride, are what you want to say about your wedding day, then welcome to why I love performing Weddings in the  Wenatchee Valley.

Where once, not long ago, wild horses ate apples off of the trees and roamed and ran free in the valleys and mountains sides of the Eastern Ridge of the Cascade Slope, where now today, we still offer superb vistas, mighty rivers, and hills covered with orchards and vineyards, in this Valley, surrounded by these magnificent Cascade mountains, sometimes called the "American Alps".  Today, residents, guests and tourists from all around the world, enjoy fishing, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, bird watching, river rafting, golf and more, all surrounded by the photogenic, raw rugged landscape of the West, where the Wenatchee Valley is the natural dividing line of the coastal Mountain range of the Cascades and the beginning of the Great American Prairies and the Big Bend Wheat Country.

When the oppressing urban rush and crowds of the highly urbanized, major metropolitan cities, such as Seattle and Spokane are too confining, then consider coming to the warmth and love of Wenatchee, where the "HEART" of Washington beats, where you will lose your hearts to the beauty, the majesty, the friendliness of our residents and business professionals ……right in the VERY MIDDLE of the state of Washington.  Many vacationers come to Wenatchee year after year, finally retiring to this warm community, many vacationers stay, having found "home".

Here we have Apples, grapes and wine and fruits for the heart…the ideal location for Garden Wedding Ceremonies, Elegant Wedding Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners and romantic honeymoons.

Trust the Wedding Professionals in the Wenatchee Valley to simplify your planning and make your wedding day everything you have ever dreamed.  From planning a wedding ceremony and reception to your honeymoon, our wedding professionals and vendors can provide assistance for every detail. We want you to create your own definition of romance. We are here to help!!!

Located 3 scenic hours from Seattle or Spokane, the Wenatchee Valley offers outdoor wedding sites with pristine lakes, garden, vineyard, orchard, mountainside and riverfront locations in and around beautiful Wenatchee. For indoor weddings, we offer Inns, hotels, motels, churches, chapels, and wineries.

Imagine one of the Northwest's most beautiful and acclaimed historic locations, such as the flower-laden park at Rocky Reach Dam, the mighty Columbia River, Ohme Gardens or Confluence Park, where the Wenatchee River joins the mighty Columbia River, as the backdrop for your wedding day. Some days you will see bald eagles soaring, some days you will see deer grazing and some days you'll see the magnificent, wild bighorn sheep, but every day, in our beautiful community will bring a memory of your wedding day which will awe and inspire you.

The city of Wenatchee was founded in 1892. The name Wenatchee comes from local Indian words Wa-Nat-Chee. There have been several interpretations of it's meaning. One is "Robe of the rainbow". Another is "River running through canyons," and some of the "old-timers", claim it means "Meeting of the waters".  Whatever the true meaning is, Wa-Nat-Chee conjures a visual concept of the beauty of the Wenatchee Valley.

The Wenatchee Valley is known for lush, manicured lawns with mature fruit trees, vineyards that color the hills with green, purple and red clusters of grapes, and intimate flowering gardens that spill over mountain walkways providing extraordinary settings for special occasions and treasured memories. You will find locations where you'll hear the sound of water flowing, and where you will be filled with the scents of roses and cherry blossoms that permeate the air throughout the Valley, and we are blessed with 300 days of sunshine each year, with intensely blue skies.

Featuring spectacular views of the snow capped mountains and gently sloping desert terrain, the Wenatchee Valley is the premier setting for all styles of wedding receptions and ceremonies.

An ever growing number of couples have chosen the Wenatchee Valley as the location for their Wedding.  There is an old adage here and it is well known, that  … "if you get married in Wenatchee … you stay married"!

For your guests or your honeymoon stay, there are numerous day trips, including the Columbia Gorge, North Cascade Loop to the Western towns of Winthrop and Twisp, the Columbia Coolie, Lake Wenatchee, Lake Chelan in cougar country, communities that specialize in lavender farms and wineries, and back country trout-laden streams for those who love to hike and explore.

Weddings held throughout the Wenatchee Valley, offer a Wedding Celebration Beyond Your Expectations in a scenic, breathtaking setting for one of the most important events of your life.

Reverend Sylvia, will write and perform your CUSTOM wedding ceremony.  The many wedding and reception facilities in the Wenatchee Valley will combine artful ambiance and attentive care to ensure the perfect setting for your special day. Trying to choose from the vast variety of services of wedding vendors, including photographers, videographers, florists, churches and chapels, musicians, restaurants and reception facilities can seem overwhelming and daunting to even the most excited wedding party. Fortunately, this area abounds with expert wedding planners and consultants who can take the worry and fuss out of planning for that special day of yours. Just give Reverend Sylvia a call and she will be ready and willing to help you make that special "day of your dreams", be a memorable occasion that you and your family and friends will be able to cherish and remember for a lifetime.

I am so happy that you're visiting with me at Chelan Wedding Services. I encourage you to anticipate a perfect wedding day in Wenatchee because Weddings in the Wenatchee Valley are where beautiful marriages begin.    Come prepared to savor the moment.