Why Renew Your Vows.


  The best way to renew your marriage is to start all over again!!!

"​When you marry, you make a commitment, intending it to be for a lifetime. You have a set of goals and you start off in the same direction. You open your hearts to one another and you start your journey in a state of grace. When you renew your vows you re-establish this intention. You identify and set new goals, some of which enhance the originals. You also re-establish your state of grace, re-opening your hearts and minds to create a new beginning of greater intimacy, intention, intensity and interaction. This assists you in moving forward in life, still facing the same direction.

People often renew their wedding vows, because it is a wonderful way to celebrate their anniversary, regardless of the number of years. Often vow renewals are held, after the birth of a child or recovery of traumatic event or illness, because of pending separation by distance or the call of military duty. Many husbands and wives wish to tenderly revisit their commitment to each other or possibly they had a "quickie" marriage some years before and the vows didn't hold much meaning, and then there are the relationships where separation or problems were involved and the couple now has the time and desire to reconcile with a renewal ceremony. 

It is recommended that this happen every three to five years. Ideally this would be an annual event. Just as any business reviews it's direction to continue it's success, so too does your marriage deserve the same attention. We know that health is easier to maintain than illness is to cure. Renewal is one step to maintaining a healthy marriage. 

Some couples choose to re-enact as closely as possible what happened on their actual wedding day.  Some couples believe that they have progressed in their relationship or that something has changed that makes them want to make this occasion something different from their wedding day. They choose to make new promises that express more appropriately their developed relationship now. Talk together about what you would like to express to each other and to your friends through your Renewal Of Vows Ceremony (this discussion will increase the personal value of your ceremony.) 

If you choose to send out invitations, the following wording: "The honor of your presence is requested at the reaffirmation of the wedding vows of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith" etc. (the same as a wedding) is one choice. Handwritten notes could be written for a less formal event. Reverend Sylvia also issues a Special Renewal Certificate at the end of the ceremony if desired.

 Have you thought of bridesmaids? If you decide on bridesmaids, choose dresses that can be reused. What is the ceremony like? The same as a wedding with the same or new vows, an outdoor wedding or indoor, quiet, traditional or wild and crazy! You can still wear your first dress or your mom's dress or a whole new look with any color you wish! What about the ring part? You can use your first rings or have new ones for the special occasion. Your kids can be a part of your Vow Renewal Ceremony, as ring bearer and flower girl, maid of honor, best man, etc. Your budget and formality will dictate selection of disc. jockey or band. Don't forget the photographer, flowers, and favors. Consider having a table set up at the reception with family photos, and mementos of your marriage.

 The Handfasting Renewal was the original Vow Renewal Ceremony. Hand-fasting is the old Celtic tradition of binding two people in love together (like matrimony). It was traditionally performed on May 1st (although any day that the couple wishes is fine too), and those who were handfasted renewed their vows if they chose to stay together and were accepted into their community as a new family, which is what our culture does upon the initial Wedding Ceremony

 Your Vow Renewal Ceremony acknowledges your greatest gifts, your love, your support and your caring for each other. Your partnership of the heart is reaffirmed, cherished and held in high esteem. We honor you for your ongoing commitment to your marriage and each other.