Our Ministry

  •   Corinthians 13:7 “Love bears all things, hopes all things and LOVE ENDURES ALL THINGS”.

When two souls are drawn to each other and discover a love that can last a lifetime, theirs is a sacred relationship – one to be honored and celebrated.

Reverend Sylvia is an ordained minister and founder of International Unified Ministries which is a voluntary ministry helping, primarily victims of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires.

OUR MINISTRY ….. Has no traditional doctrine.  Our ministry works on a donation basis to fund our relief missions and part of how we fund this ministry is by donations for wedding services. We believe in that which is right.  We believe that everyone has a right to his or her own conviction, a right to express it and we recognize everyone's personal beliefs.

OUR OBJECTIVE ….. Eternal progression and to minister to our fellow brothers and sisters now and during the harshest of times.

OUR SLOGAN ….. To live and to help live.

OUR GOAL ….. A fuller life for everyone. We want to be competent, to be proficient, to be cooperative and to extend a strong secure hand, to all in need.  We strive to love our fellow man, to appreciate each one for the unique individual he or she is, to be humble, to be moral, to live positively and to be what we profess. 

We believe that Universal understanding and brotherhood will bring peace and that if we all, as fellow inhabitants here on this earth, strive to lift up those who have stumbled, to help rebuild what has been torn away, we will personally grow and find love and friendship beyond anything we've known before.