Location and Theme


Whether couples want to marry at home or abroad, in a castle or on a beach, whether they believe in a God or not, Reverend Sylvia will help to customize their ceremony tastefully and successfully. Reverend Sylvia wants each bride and groom, to have their wedding day exactly as they want it, no matter what their dream involves, indoor, outdoor, in a park or on the top of the highest mountain. Below are a few of her suggestions.

Traditionally there was first the ceremony, then the adventure…at least that was what people traditionally thought of weddings and honeymoons.  Today, couples are taking the ceremony on the road as part of the adventure, their fantasies come in the form of vows spoken just before soaring into the heavens from a hang-glider high on a mountain above Lake Chelan, getting "saddled" (as one couple said), while sitting astride beautiful steeds or barefoot on the beach.

Holiday Weddings are always popular, as are world events, such as an eclipse, or the Solstice.  Here are some of the popular theme weddings that this resort area invites:

BACK COUNTRY – WESTERN - Where bridesmaids and groomsmen, bride and groom and even the minister, arrive on horseback. Family & friends of the bride and groom come by hay wagon or on horseback; guests can dress in Western style, with an old time fiddler and traditional BBQ for the reception. Bales of hay make perfect arrangements for the guests.

BOATING – Bride and groom arrive at a beach location on ski jets, or pontoon boat with their bridesmaids and groomsmen or they charter a sailing or power yacht for an afternoon or evening sail.  Ride to the head of Lake Chelan on the local ferry with all guests aboard for a full day to remember or arrive by canoe. 

CELTIC – To the emotional and haunting music of a traditional bagpipe, the wedding party and the bride and groom are "piped" to the wedding site.  Festive Celtic music and dress makes this a memory for all who witness.

FULL MOON – Under the silver light of a full moon and with starlight sparkling from the heavens, a ceremony to set the stage for a romantic wedding.

HANG GLIDING – You will be married high on a hill with a panoramic view of the deep blue waters of Lake Chelan. After your vows, you will soar towards the heavens as you and the participating guests, "take-off" from the mountaintop.

HOT AIR BALLOONING – From high above, with only the dearest friends as your witnesses and in the total quite of the Hot Air Balloon experience, you will speak your vows to each other, away from the sounds & sights of a crowded environment.

HOT ROD – MOTORCYCLE – For the enthusiast whose friends and family enjoy their motor sports…the wedding party arrives in or on the vehicle of choice, surrounded by friends and family in or on their vehicles in appropriate dress.

MOUNTAIN MAN – In period costumes, the bride and groom are "hitched" in the style of an old-fashioned country wedding. Ranch locations and mountain or lake cabins suit this theme perfectly. 

PARASAILING – Some couples say your vows to each other on the beach and then "fly" together over Lake Chelan in a fun parasailing experience. Guests can follow in watercraft as you are "dunked" into the icy and refreshing glacial waters.

RENAISSANCE – For those who always thought they came from another time, a costumed renaissance wedding with appropriate flute music, candles, and blessing stones will be a memorable and unusual wedding day for you and your guests.

SHOT-GUN – Ceremonies have been performed where the father of the bride stands watching over the ceremony with a "ceremonial" shotgun as the vows and rings are exchanged. Sometimes a grandparent alongside the couple holds the child of the bride and groom.  The Shotgun wedding speaks for itself!

SUNRISE– High on a hill or on the shores of Lake Chelan, you will speak your vows to one another as the sun bursts over the mountain to brilliantly shine on a new day and a new family. 

SUNSET- Toast for the bride and groom as the golden sun quietly slips behind the high glacial peaks of the Cascade Mountain Range, the Swiss Alps of America.

Many of these popular locations in the Chelan area are perfect for a wedding ceremony and celebration.  Many are free or very inexpensive, some places need reservations, and some private locations will charge a nominal fee or provide free use of areas within their facility if the reception is held there or if the bride and groom are guests of the facility.  Call for further information on these facilities.

Boat (yours, rental or Lady of The Lake)
City Park at Best Western Hotel
Golf Course (Several available in the greater Chelan/Wenatchee area)
Hang Gliding
In a Vineyard, here in the "Heart of Washington Wine Country"
In an Airplane
Mill Bay Casino
Ohme Gardens (Wenatchee)
On a Tour boat
Parasailing (Several local companies from which to choose)
R.V. Park, such as Beebe Park or Lake Chelan City Park
Rest Stop at Stevens Pass (Just outside of Leavenworth)
River Rafting (Several local companies from which to choose)
River Walk Park (Phone for reservations)
Rocky Reach Dam
Ski Resorts

Vacation Rental Home
Yacht Club

Ceremonies are as varied as locations and themes.  There are contemporary ceremonies, traditional religious ceremonies, and there are the various ceremonies including Blessing Stones, Flower Ceremony, Hand fasting, Intra-Faith, Non-Denominational, Rose Ceremony, Unity Candle Ceremony, Vow Renewal and combinations of any of these as well as ceremonies written entirely by the bride and groom.  There are ceremonies, which include parents, grandparents, and children from previous marriages and MANY TIMES… the family dog as the "ring bearer".