Booking your Wedding


To schedule a wedding with Reverend Sylvia, you will first need to see if your chosen wedding date is available by calling or e-mailing.  Book your minister as soon as possible….it's very important since dates and times are limited and fill rapidly.  You will be "penciled in" on Reverend Sylvia’s calendar's schedule for your special day and time.  If you leave a message or send an e-mail, PLEASE REMEMBER to include your day, evening and cell phone number, date, time and location of wedding and full names of both the bride and groom.

If the date is available and you choose to schedule your wedding, a $150 non-refundable deposit of  will be required to secure your date and time and you will be "inked in", on her calendar with assurance of your date and time. The balance of the wedding fee is due anytime prior to rehearsal date.


Reverend Sylvia will communicate with you as much as you’d like, before the wedding…earlier is better … to organize the ceremony, decide on the theme and to discuss paperwork, location and "format" of the wedding. Vows will be created, rehearsal if desired, the wedding ceremony performed and all necessary paperwork taken care of by Reverend Sylvia.  Of course, each couple must obtain their own marriage license from any county in Washington., which is good for a marriage in any county in Washington.  If you wish a rehearsal, please schedule it for 24-72 hours prior to the actual ceremony.  It will be necessary that all participants, including parents, “readers” and anyone whom you wish to be escorted during the ceremony, be present at the rehearsal.


Reverend Sylvia is an ordained minister and founder of International Unified Ministries, which is a voluntary ministry helping, primarily victims of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires. Believing in making the world a better place, Reverend Sylvia, as part of her efforts to that end, donates a portion of her wedding fees to several charity and relief foundations.  Reverend Sylvia has performed wedding ceremonies for 20+ years from Texas, California, The U.S. Virgin Islands, Washington, Annapolis Maryland, Oregon, several other states and through special Government permission, in Canada and Monaco.  She was formally presented before the Family Court of the United States Virgin Islands for her service there.

Our Ministry has no traditional doctrine.  We believe in that which is right.  We believe that everyone has a right to his or her own conviction, a right to express it and we recognize everyone's personal beliefs. As with other Independent Churches, we believe in allowing individual responsibility for spiritual growth and development, and that each person should do God's work exactly as it is revealed to them.  We are legally recognized throughout the United States and by all other nations of the world, which allow their citizens freedom of religion.


1.  The original marriage license and accompanying documents: PLEASE remember to fill in the personal background information and social security numbers on the back of the Health Department form, and stamp any envelopes that will need to be mailed back to the county.

2.  A written confirmation of the date and time of wedding, from the bride and groom.  Reverend Sylvia will plan on being there one hour before the stated time.
3.  Directions, map and contact phone number for the wedding location.
4.  Names of two witnesses who will sign the marriage paperwork. They should be age 18 or older, or by special arrangements, if children of the couple will be witnesses, though you will need to inform the minister in advance.
5.  Your phone number(s) and e-mail addresses
6.  Make sure that you send back the final copy of your ceremony ASAP after Reverend Sylvia has sent it to you, so that there is plenty of time to make changes and to read and understand the changes.
7.  Reverend Sylvia welcomes interpreters to participate in the ceremony, but PLEASE, let Reverend Sylvia know well in advance, so she can arrange to speak with your interpreter and have a copy of the ceremony sent to that person.


Fees for officiating wedding ceremonies are dependent upon what is required of the minister, i.e. distances to ceremony, travel expenses, unusual locations or duration, such as a day on a yacht, ferry, plane etc. to perform a ceremony or in locations where it’s necessary to stay overnight. A $150 non-refundable deposit is payable when the ceremony is booked and can be made in cash or by check to Reverend Sylvia Dabney, with the balance due in cash or check, any time prior to the rehearsal.


A wedding license must be obtained no more than 60 days prior, but at least three days before the date of the wedding.  You may apply in person to a Court House in Washington.  Different counties have different costs for their license, for instance, in King County, a license costs around $60, and in other Counties a marriage license may cost less, but note that these rates may change at any time.  Wedding licenses obtained in any County in Washington, are valid throughout the State of Washington.


You will need to sign the marriage certificates on the day of the wedding.  You can discuss this with the officiant ahead of time so you are all clear about where & when the papers will be signed and that your two witnesses are prepared. The officiant will give you the ceremonial certificate to keep. Put it where you will find it later.


Reverend Sylvia will mail the paperwork to the county for filing.  You’ll be presented with the "Ceremonial Certificate", and there will be another sheet, issued by the courthouse,  which is kept and is filed in the Ministers papers. After ten days, you may request a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate from the Marriage License Office OF THE COUNTY WHERE THE LICENSE WAS OBTAINED. Some counties supply a return envelope (which you need to stamp and make sure YOUR return address is on), if you pay for certified copies at the time you obtain your marriage certificate. Reverend Sylvia will enclose that in her envelope to the court house and they generally return your certified copy within the month.

Though the minister is required to send in the certificates, if you will be needing paperwork for the military or immigration, it's best that you personally take the paperwork to the exact same counter within the License Department from which you obtained the license, and request 3-certified copies at that time.  Most County offices will make certified copies while you wait.