Why Select Chelan Wedding Services

Dear Friends, You have honored me by selecting me to perform your wedding, thank you !

Congratulations on your decision and blessings to you both. When two souls are drawn to each other and discover a love that can last a lifetime, theirs is a sacred relationship – one to be honored and celebrated. Your wedding day is usually the only time you will ever express your feelings to one another, before your family and friends. 

Love makes the world go 'round, but marriage makes life complete.  Marriage is something most people expect to enter into at least once in their lives, and it is, for many, the biggest moment of their adult life.  For those in religions that do not share the faith of the mainstream, marriage can be a jarring clash of family, belief and tradition.

The rise of remarriages and interfaith marriages often choose “destination weddings” as couples of the Catholic and Jewish faiths cannot remarry within their church or synagogue, and they may find the civil ceremonies performed by judges a bit too dry for their tastes. Reverend Sylvia offers a perfect option for those who want a memorable occasion that recognizes the creativity and personalization of each couple.

This is your wedding day, a day that will be celebrated every year and one from which a new life together is beginning, a new family is beginning and your invited witnesses, family, and friends, many of these people have traveled some distance to celebrate this day with you, have come to witness your wedding ceremony…the testament of your love.

Love and the concept of marriage are remarkably similar among many traditions of the world. Most have some type of formal ceremony or celebration to mark the occasion with the bride and groom exchanging vows. This similarity lends itself well to a blending of many traditions in order to create a perfect ceremony for you. Some wish to have a hybrid of their traditions and the traditional Christian wedding, still, others have a small personal wedding and then a large reception that includes the entire family and extended family and others choose to create a ceremony involving and including their hobbies and lifestyle.

Whichever religion or ceremony you decide to follow, remember one thing about the marriage:  It's not the words spoken that make a difference, in the long run.  It is the love, action and devotion behind those words that will see a marriage through the difficult times to the happiness beyond. ~ Reverend Sylvia ~