Congratulations - So you're are getting married


"This day I marry my friend; the one I laugh with, live for, dream with and love."

When two souls are drawn to each other and discover a love that can last a lifetime, theirs is a sacred relationship – one to be honored and celebrated. Along with more traditional weddings, the rise of remarriages and interfaith marriages and exchanging of vows, popularized the role of ministers who perform alternative ceremonies, sometimes in unusual locations.  Reverend Sylvia offers a perfect option for those who want a memorable occasion that recognizes the creativity and personalization of their special wedding day.

Reverend Sylvia is an ordained minister and founder of International Unified Ministries and has performed wedding ceremonies for 20+ years from Texas, California, The U.S. Virgin Islands, Washington, Annapolis Maryland, Oregon, several other states and through special Government permission, in Canada and Monaco.  She was formally presented before the Family Court of the United States Virgin Islands for her service there.

Reverend Sylvia has performed interesting ceremonies from the bow of a sailing yacht on the Atlantic Ocean, from the deck of a yacht in Catalina Island in California for a Lt. Commander in the Coast Guard, in a private airplane, underwater with a scuba-diving bride and groom, from high on a mountain, where hang-gliding enthusiasts "soared" to the heavens after exchanging their vows, military weddings where the bride and groom and entire wedding party were in full military dress and walked "under the swords", to a Canadian Native wedding in the forest, where the bride and groom were "smudged" with the smoke of trees which were blessed by the elders. She has performed ceremonies encompassing children, family, pets and friends.

Naturally, over the past nearly 20+ years, there have been traditional weddings in chapels, yacht clubs, on beaches and with guests numbering in the hundreds.  Brides and grooms have been in their 20's to their 80's and there have been many vow renewals and baptisms and from the deck of a ship, services for those who have passed, with scattering of ashes.

The Bride and Groom may express individuality by writing their own vows and choosing original poetry and prose or they may wish to use some of the inspirational readings from Reverend Sylvia's collection of wedding poems and prose.

Reverend Sylvia specializes in creating custom wedding ceremonies and can compile poetry and prose which expresses each Bride and Grooms sentiments and feelings with style and sincerity and she will work with each couple to create a complete ceremony to their specifications, making sure that it is just what they want, and accommodating whatever requirements they may have, including those pertaining to religious beliefs and customs. Ceremonies are choreographed so that the ceremony flows naturally, creating a truly unique and very special occasion to be remembered for a lifetime.   Reverend Sylvia offers a perfect option for those wanting a memorable occasion that recognizes the creativity and personalization of each couple, and the vows they wish to share.

Reverend Sylvia's ceremonies are custom written for each bride and groom if they choose, or they may mix and match, delete, rewrite or completely write their own ceremony. Reverend Sylvia wants each couple to feel comfortable with their special ceremony.  It is their ceremony and it should express their feelings and sentiments to each other, before their family and friends.

Experiencing your own custom wedding ceremony is truly an amazing event. The meaning of your own vows and the beauty of your own ceremony will leave you and your guests with lifelong memories of a very special event. It is really an experience that you have to witness to fully appreciate.

With the high glacial peaks of the Cascade Mountains, the Alps of America, Chelan provides the perfect unique and romantic setting to begin or celebrate your lives together. The charm of this quaint village, nestled in the heart of and on the shores of Lake Chelan, creates the perfect atmosphere for wedding ceremonies, honeymoons, vow renewals and anniversary celebrations and Reverend Sylvia offers couples, a way to formally recognize their mutual and exclusive love for each other, and to pledge their lifelong commitment to each other, whether they wish to have a private ceremony with just the bride and groom or a huge gala with family and friends.  Reverend Sylvia is also available for ceremonies in other Washington locations, as well as all 50 States.  Call or e-mail for alternative location information.